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Featured Recipe: Seared Hawaiian Kajiki with Water Spinach, Clams, Cuttlefish, Lapchong & Japanese Sweet Potatoes
(Serves 4) Printable Version (pdf, 225kb)

This recipe was featured on NBC KXAN Austin.

4 portions of kajiki, 6 oz. each
Salt & pepper to taste

Lapchong and Vegetables:
4 oz. cuttlefish, cut into bite size pieces
4 oz. sliced lapchong
6 oz. water spinach, cleaned & chopped
4 oz. baby clams
1 tsp. minced ginger
1 tsp. minced garlic
1 tsp. minced shallots
2 oz. soy sauce
2 oz. ginger juice

Japanese Sweet Potato Purée:
1 lb. Japanese sweet potatoes
4 oz. butter
4 oz. milk
Salt & pepper to taste


To prepare the Kajiki:
Salt and pepper the fish on all sides. Place a pan over medium high heat. Add a small amount of oil to the pan, and heat until the oil begins to show wisps of smoke. Next, carefully place the fish into the pan and sear for about 45 seconds on each side to achieve a rare temperature. Remove the fish from the pan and let it stand for 30 seconds or until cool enough to touch. Using a sharp knife, slice into 5 to 7 thin slices.

To prepare the lapchong and vegetables:
Heat a pan over medium heat. Add a small amount of oil. Next add the sliced pieces of lapchong (sausage), and sauté until they begin to brown; this will not take long due to the sugar content of the sausage. Next add shallots, garlic and ginger, being careful not to burn. Sauté briefly before adding the clams, cuttlefish and the water spinach. Sauté slightly until greens are wilted; deglaze the pan with ginger juice and soy sauce.

To prepare the Japanese sweet potato purée:
Peel and cut the potatoes into small pieces similar in size to ensure even cooking. Place the potatoes in salted boiling water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a hard simmer, cook about 25 minutes or until tender. Drain potatoes. Using a hand blender, add butter and milk and purée until smooth with a saucelike consistency. Season with salt and pepper to taste.


Place a mound of the heated vegetables in the middle of the plate. Arrange the fish on top of the vegetables, and then spoon a small amount of the purée around the fish.
Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine
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